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Random thoughts, bright ideas and interesting experiments. In short the ramblings of a fulltime nerd.


Welcome to the real world

Jakob Westhoff

Hello and welcome to my brand new weblog.

I have been quite unsure about how my new appearance on the world wide web should look like. Should I only use a blog enhanced with some static content pages here and there? Or should I use a full blown cms? I already have some ideas about my new virtual home. I will definitely create a more comprehensive presence soon, but until my realization meets with my expectations you will need to put up with my blog.

The language was the first point on my to do list. Sure, English was my first choice, but I have to confess, that I haven't spoken or written English for quite some time. Nevertheless, I am glad to take the opportunity to gain new experience in writing English articles.

After I might have bored you a little with this introduction, let's start to take a look at what you can expect from these pages. I will inform you about all of my old and new projects, which have been developed and written in a lot of different languages. At the moment, my favorite programming language is PHP , therefore my latest projects were implemented by using it. But there are a lot of programming languages out there and I like the opportunity to choose freely the best one for the problem I am trying to solve. I am trying to be flexible when it comes to such decisions.

Another language, which Ive just used to complete a simple task in Windows is C#. You will be able to read more about it, once the main pages will have been created. Although this project was originally designed for windows, for which C# and the .NET framework were originally created, my favorite operating system is definitely Linux. But since Mono is quite a comprehensive open source implementation of this framework, I am looking forward to doing some projects using this great language in the near future, designed to run on Linux.

There are some other web projects I am working on at the moment, eg. URLCode - which is under development, just visit it to get more information.

I often write little useful snippets of code, which I want to share with anybody in need of doing things like this.

This blog will mainly feature these "helpful hands". With regard to the projects, I am working on, I will get you posted as soon as they progress further. Stay tuned.

If you want to contact me just drop me a line on my email , or leave a comment on the blog.