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My new Xgl powered Desktop

Jakob Westhoff

Three days ago I installed the xgl server on my workstation. It's working fantastic. I really like all the glowing, shining, blinking and wobbling windows. At first I thought all the grafical enhancements are just nice gimmicks. But after using this stuff for about 2 days I realized that xgl changes the way I am working on my pc. Now I can not even think of not using the transparency features, to have the php documentation in the background while I am coding.

You should really try this out. It's some kind of a new experience. And it is even working in a multi-monitor environment, like the one I am using.

If your gfx-card is supported, installing isn't that hard. I will give you some tips how to do this on gentoo linux.

The tutorial on the gentoo wiki about Xgl does explain nearly everything you need to know.

After you have emerged all the packages for Xgl you should take a look at the compiz forums. There you will find icons, themes and usefull tips about your new window manager compiz.

Because I wanted to have a "really" transparent console, I needed a way to start applications with a predefined transparency value. This is really simple. Just emerge the xwininfo , xprop and the transset package. After all these applications are installed you can use a tiny script I have written to do exactly what you want. See the end of this entry for the download link.