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Random thoughts, bright ideas and interesting experiments. In short the ramblings of a fulltime nerd.


Seven things - Tagged by Kore and Manuel

Jakob Westhoff

As the current seven things hype continues I have been tagged by Kore Nordmann and Manuel Pichler. Read this article to get to know seven facts about me. As well as to take a look at who I have tagged in the process.

Seven facts about me

  • The first code I have ever created was a simple text based program which printed a star field onto the screen. It was written in AmigaBasic and just had 3 lines.
  • I am currently studying computer science at the TU Dortmund and working as a freelancing developer and author.
  • I have more than 8 years of PHP experience
  • In my spare time I build and fly R/C helicopters. The list of different models is huge. It ranges from really small ones -- just as big as a human hand -- to quite big ones with about 1.2 meters of wingspan.
  • I tend to create all kinds of crazy stuff in PHP and other languages. Like a live javascript 3d renderer or a desktop widget system entirely written in PHP.
  • Since I bought a DSLR camera at the beginning of last year, I really like to go out and take all sorts of photos with it. Digital photography is one of my favorite hobbies since.
  • For my homepage I may have created a new layout a zillion times, to replace the current one. Unfortunately I always disliked it almost immediately after that.

Passing on the baton

According to the rules it is time to pass on the baton I received from Kore and Manuel to seven other people I know:

  • Nils Adermann for inspiring me with his ideas and solutions to a lot of PHP problems, every time he stops by in Dortmund to meet his old friends of the usergroup Dortmund.
  • Godot alias Christian Reimann for his weird but really cool ideas, as well as his mathematical and technological background knowledge.
  • Poofy alias Peter Koch for always having a good time with at our weekly ug meetings. I always think something is missing when he is not attending.
  • Hartmut Holzgraefe for having written peclgen and all the nice chats at conferences or out of the order meetings.
  • Jan Lehnardt for introducing me to CouchDB, which I love since then.
  • Fussel alias Fussel. A guy I just know from irc. He is always an inspiration. Everything he says reflects his wisdom and his craziness. Often I am not quite sure if he is a real person. But nevertheless he has the gift to enlighten me. Oh wait he is just a chat bot based on a neuronal gas. This does not make him less impressive, does it?
  • Myself to provide some recursion


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