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Half-Life BSP Entity Tool

Jakob Westhoff

A friend of mine was in need of a tool to read an write entity tables from a Half Life) level file. In the time Half Life was bleeding edge there existed such a tool. Unfortunately I was unable to find it on the net. Therefore I hacked some lines of c to do exactly this.

What are entity tables in bsp files?

If you don't already know, you probably don't want to ;). But I will give a short overview nevertheless.

Half Life is an ego shooter, which is quite old by now. Nevertheless there is still a big online comunity around this game. BSP files are what the game uses to store its map data. These geometry part of the maps is stored as binary space partitioned trees incorporating some other informations needed for the game. One of these additional chunks of information are the so called entity tables. These tables are a ascii text definition containing special elements in the game, like player starting points, weapon positions, health packs and many more. These entity tables are managed by the server part of Half Life. Therefore these tables can easily be changed if you are running your own server without the need for every player to download a new map.

Download and license

The tool is licensed under GPLv3.

You can download the c file from here.

I hope it is of any use to you.