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Imageutil - My first tool for the UFS-910

Jakob Westhoff

I am pleased to announce the release of my first utillity for the Kathrein UFS-910 satellite hdtv reciever. This small tool is capable of reading and writing the flashrom of the receiver using the integrated network interface.

I bought one of these kathrein receivers about 2 months ago shortly after I had installed my new hdtv plasma television, to be able to watch hdtv movies in there entire glory. One of the most significant features, among others, to buy this kind of receiver was the ability to record the tv program to an external usb harddrive. After I got my ufs910 I quickly discovered that a linux was running on it. Some googling and reading later I found a small but enthusiastic community of developers around this receiver at the UFS-910 Board. I got involved with it fast and began to experiment with the different possibilites of this little piece of hardware. The procedure always was the same. Changing the image, copying it to an usbstick, walking over to the box, putting it in, flashing it and finaly cutting power to it for reboot. I thought it would be quite useful if I could flash the images directly from my pc aswell as being able to just copy the entire flash contents to my machine for backup purpose. At this time I began to experiment with different ways to acomplish this task. What came out is the imageutil, which is a tool exactly doing what I wished for.

The Imageutil

The imageutil is a small c program which is capable of reading and writing images to the flashrom of the Kathrein UFS-910 satellite receiver using its network infterface. The only prerequisite needed for this to work is a running telnet daemon on the receiver and a working ethernet connection with it.

The tool has been tested on different kinds of images and should therefore work under nearly all conditions. It should anyhow considered to be highly experimental and used with caution. I do not take any responsibility if eats your cat hides your socks or fries your reciever.

How do I use the tool?

Imageutil is a shell application written for linux based systems. Just call the util by it's name in a console and it will give you it's usage information containing example on how the different functions work. :

$ ./imageutil

Kathrein UFS-910 Image Utillity v. 0.2
(c) Jakob Westhoff
Usage: ./imageutil ACTION [ARGUMENTS ...]
Everything your ufs910 images need.

Possible actions:
  r: Read all images from the receiver and store them on the pc.
     Parameters: [kathreinip] [targetpath]
     Example: ./imageutil r targetpath

  w: Write all images from your pc to the receiver.
     Parameters: [kathreinip] [sourcepath]
     Example: ./imageutil w sourcepath

  h: Add header and checksum to an image.
     Parameters: [imagetype] [source image] [destination image]
     Valid imagetypes: kernel, config, root, app, emergency, data, bootcfg
     Example: ./imageutil h app image_without_header.img image_with_header.img

  s: Strip header and checksum from image.
     Parameters: [source image] [destination image]
     Example: ./imageutil s image_with_header.img image_without_header.img

How can I obtain this tool?

At the moment I am releasing a binary only version of the tool. You can download it below. In the near future I intend to release the source code under the GPL, but before this can happen I need to clean up the code and clarify some other things. If you are eager to help me with the development please contact me directly via mail.