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IE6Update - My Activebar2 in action

Jakob Westhoff

As another initiative to let IE6 die was started by a Norwegian company some time ago. I decided to create a rewrite of my Activebar using more modern approaches and libraries like jquery. Activebar2, the name of the rewrite, was mainly intended to mimic the look and feel of the browser information bars known from the Internet Explorer. Its purpose was to show the users that a new version of their current browser is available for download, to motivate them to finally lay IE6 to rest. The guys from IE6Updateccom took my Activebar2 and made some minor additions to it, to integrate it into current web projects even more easily.

Furthermore they seem to do quite a bit of marketing for it. One of the guys of the company behind IE6Updateccom left a me a blog comment my original Activebar2 announcement, mentioning that their initiative is getting quite popular. I really appreciate this, because with more and more pages providing some sort of update notices for their users it might be finally possible to get rid of the IE6 once and for all. It will still need time to convince everybody to update. And it will need even more time to have the IE6 replaced in big company networks, but I still have the hope that finally we might live in a IE6 free world. :)