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Pdf Presenter Console 1.1 released

Jakob Westhoff

Since I released the first version of the PDF Presenter Console (PPC) I received a lot of feedback on it. I am glad this project is not only useful to me, but to other people out there as well. Furthermore I used PPC on several occasions for myself and therefore implemented some features I discovered were missing.

All new features implemented in version 1.1 are quite simple. There is nothing groundbreaking new, but some nifty little things here and there, which make your life easier while presenting. There are things, like color indication of the last x minutes, counting of the time your are overdue, hiding the mouse cursor if it is not used, to name just a few.

Aside from new features I did some bugfixing as well. One of the main fixes is a bug which caused the presenter console to be unable to position its windows correctly, when Xfce4 was used. I am quite sure Xfwm, the Xfce window manager does not behave correctly in this situation and reported a bug upstream. Nevertheless I wrote a workaround for you guys out there using Xfce, which makes the usage of PPC possible again. Thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez for reporting the bug.

Other changes to the codebase of the Pdf Presenter Console have been made, which were mainly some cleanup and refactoring to allow for easier maintaining and flexibility in the future. I have already started to work on some new features, like handling links inside of pdf documents, which can be found in the current development branch.

I especially want to thank Rene Wagner for sending me quite a bunch of patches I partially incorporated into this release. Furthermore he provided the initial rudimentary patches for the link handling stuff I am currently working on.

Migration to github

I decided to migrate the whole PDF Presenter Console project to github. The before used subversion repository will be read-only from this time on.

The new development repository can be found at:


I had different reasons to migrate the project repository over to git and especially github. First git does allow a lot more flexibility when it comes to branching, which makes the developers life a lot easier. Second git and especially github make it really easy to incorporate patches from other developers, who use git as well. Another bonus feature is the availability of a quite minimal but yet functional issue tracker on the github project pages.


As always comments and suggestions as well as patches are very welcome. Use the comment function on this blog or contact me using email.

To report a bug you may either contact me directly or use the issue tracker on the github project page

Detailed changelog for version 1.1

  • Implemented: Controllable interface for cleaner controller code.
  • Fixed: Install target is now executable.
  • Fixed: Warnings shown in one-screen-presentation-mode, due to non existent process indicator.
  • Implemented: Presentation timer as its own GTK Widget
  • Implemented: Support for negative timer values (aka overtime)
  • Implemented: Different Timer colors for normal time, the last x minutes and overtime
  • Implemented: Made last-minutes time configurable
  • Fixed: Library paths were not used correctly for compilation
  • Implemented: Fullscreen window as own Gtk class
  • Fixed: Problem which caused the windows not be displayed on the correct displays using the Xfce4 Xfwm window manager.
  • Implemented: Command line option to set the size of the current slide in the presenter screen
  • Implemented: A few more common key bindings
  • Implemented: Hide cursor after 5 seconds timeout