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My Book: "Plug-In Entwicklung mit jQuery"

Jakob Westhoff

Over the past year I have been working on a book called "Plug-in Entwicklung mit jQuery" (engl. Plugin development with jQuery). Those of you who follow me on twitter might already know it: From today on the book is finally available. Why this book might be an interesting read for you is detailed in this article.

Nowadays JavaScript is an important tool in the utility belt of any web developer. A vast amount of published pages make use of at least some sort of JavaScript. It is used to enhance forms, provide live updating search dialogs or simply create a smoother user experience. Furthermore there are fully fledged applications build using JavaScript (eg. RIAs). Social Networks like Facebook, use JavaScript to provide a feature rich, but yet simplistic user interface, which automatically updates as soon as new information are available. All of this is only possible due to the use of JavaScript.

Even though JavaScript is a quite powerful language certain inconsistencies, between currently used browsers makes application development quite painful. To overcome these inconsistencies different JavaScript frameworks were created to providing abstraction layers and unifications. One of these frameworks is jQuery.

jQuery is a small and concise library, which provides all the necessary utilities make development of JavaScript based applications a lot easier. According to its website "jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript". My book will show the different means jQuery uses to accomplish this task. The books main section concentrates on jQuerys amazing extension abilities. Don't worry if you haven't used jQuery at all, the book provides a jQuery introduction as well.

After detailing all the different kinds of possible jQuery extensions, so called plugins, I shed light on Test-Driven-Development with JavaScript and jQuery. Using different examples I provide introductions to Unit testing with QUnit and JsTestDriver, as well as the Spy, Stub and Mock framework Sinonjjs.

What are you about to learn

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Live Search (Type ahead suggest)
  • AJAX-Functions for ReSTful web services
  • Understanding prototype based object orientation
  • Using the Special-Events-API to create and handle own events
  • Create and understand Easing-Functions to control animations
  • Extend the Sizzle CSS-Selector-Engine by creating own selectors
  • Easily create jQuery-UI Widgets, Behaviors and Effects
  • Style your Widgets using the ThemeRoller
  • Test-Driven-Development using QUnit and JsTestDriver
  • Mocks, Stubs and Spys using Sinon.js

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